Together with Stefano Calzati and Thomas Verbeek, my colleagues from TU Delft, we gathered researchers from across the different sections of the Urbanism Department – representing spatial planning, urban design, urban studies, environmental technology & design, landscape architecture and urban data science – to discuss ongoing research on ‘inclusive urbanism’ and identify some opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations. I was amazed by how much work on this topic is currently going on in our department, with plenty of new EU-funded projects on this, including Horizon Europe DUST that we lead, ERC SEGUE project, ODECO project on open data for urban research, etc. All of them promise tangible impacts in terms of addressing uneven spatial development, spatial injustices, lack of inclusion in decision-making and socio-spatial segregation. We will strive to combine forces and collaborate across those projects that are complementary in many ways. Let’s see how this works out.

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